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We manufacture freestanding wardrobes and in any dimension. We rely on the aluminum elements of Laguna reputed brand. The wing can combine different materials such as plate glass and mirrors thanks to the elegant fittings. We offer a variety of 200 colors and 30 color plates of glass and mirrors, as well as a wide range of accessories such as pantographs, bins, or sliding hangers.

System features:

  1. Depth 75 mm
  2. 50 kg maximum load on the wing
  3. Trolley upper / lower maintenance free sealed ball bearing
  4. Quiet operation chassis
  5. The bottom rail with clip on masking screws
  6. Positioner

Available materials:

  1. Laminated board
  2. Foiled MDF
  3. Lacquered MDF
  4. Acrylic MDF
  5. Veneer
  6. Wood
  7. Aluminum